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Donate to Share

Help our Lawrence Township students learn, grow and make memories on school breaks!
2018 Annual Report

Not sure how much to Give?

Use the chart below and select an item to donate toward financially.


Pays for one college-aged leader for 3 days
Pays for a 6-week art experience for a teen


Provides pre-camp training for one leader
Provides gas for a van for 3 weeks


Provides STEM learning experiences for one student
Provides an outdoor experience for one student


Provides field trip admission for a student
Pays for a background check for a leader or volunteer


Provides one day of transportation for one student
Provides 3 healthy snacks for a student

How to donate to Share:

By Check:

The Share Student Group is a ministry of Castleton United Methodist Church, 7160 Shadeland Station, Indianapolis, IN 46256. Checks should be made payable to: Castleton UMC and clearly marked for SHARE.

Online Giving:

You may give online through Castleton UMC. Please enter the amount you would like to give next to “SHARE-LT Cash Donation (non client)“. CLICK HERE to donate online.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Your donation will be used to pay for student mentors, food, transportation and entry fees to keep Lawrence Township area teens fed, supervised and engaged in the community while they are out of school on breaks.